Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad news for Ninas' friends

Today I picked up a copy of Decembers' Linux Magazine and, while waiting for a lab to be free for a helpdesk seminar discovered that Hans Reiser of ReiserFS fame has been charged with his wifes' murder (Kernel Programmer suspected of Murder). Nina Reiser has disappeared and he was charged on October 12th.

By coincidence, OpenSuSE decided at the end of September to switch to ext3 as the default filing system for technical reasons - problems with scalability being one.

Obviously, I don't follow kernel development as closely as others, otherwise I'd have known about the murder charge as well as OpenSuse ditching ReiserFS.

Nina Reiser has been missing since September 3rd and some of her friends have a website asking the public for information:

It looks like a circumstantial case will be brought:

Moving... with the news

I've decided to try to see how it compares with livejournal.

The big news is Donald Rumsfeld has resigned!!! Hopefully Karl Rove, Dubya will be next, but we can only hope...