Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm not surprised who I turned out to be...

Which CSI character are you?
Your Result: You are Gil Grissom

You are wise and knowledgeable. You are quietly passionate, but shy away from intimacy. You have a love for literature and obscure facts, and find humor in the little things. Many people find you strange, but you couldnt care less. There arent very many people who know you really well, and you like it better that way. You spend much of your time alone, doing the things you love rather than wasting it with people that dont understand you. You respect everyone, and can see people for who they are, without judging them. Overall, you are compassionate, introverted, extremely intelligent, and somewhat of an outcast.

You are Sara Sidle
You are Greg Sanders
You are Catherine Willows
You are Warrick Brown
You are Nick Stokes
Which CSI character are you?
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