Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chiropractors versus Simon Singh

Simon Singh is being sued for libel over an article (with references added by gimpy) he wrote for the Guardian. (The original article has been removed from the Guardian website - a cached copy can be found here thanks to Svetlana. Unity at Ministry of Truth has provided even more annotation in Can you libel Woo?)

Jack of Kent is following it from a legal angle. Holford Watch has an incredibly comprehensive list article with links to bloggers covering it.

Hopefully the lawsuit will fail and Simon will be vindicated.


Jon said...

And you and your fabulously-named blog have been added to the list of blogs covering the matter of the BCA v. Singh.

Geoglyph Entropy said...

Thanks - much appreciated!!

FSJL said...

This sounds like a real pain in the arse.

Jack of Kent said...

Thanks for the mention, Geoglyph.

I am delighted that clicking on my humble name takes you instead to the original article safely hosted by Svetlana on the Russian server!

mlchiro said...

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