Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Disgraceful scandal

Wednesday blogged a week ago on what should be a major scandal - a victim of trafficking for sexual exploitation has been charged with failing to produce a passport or other form of identification.

Firstly, this charge is unjust and an act of such incredible stupidity that it beggars belief.

Secondly, why the hell isn't this a major news item? Are the Olympics so important that this grotesque, bizarre travesty of justice doesn't get mentioned?

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Susan said...

Disgraceful indeed. As you point out, I'm not sure which is worse; that the charge happened, or that it was so badly neglected by the media. This was the first I heard of many weeks after the fact now?

I thought it was widely known that one of the first things traffickers do is rob these poor women of their passports and other documents/valuables, to keep them from running.

Thanks for giving this the mention!