Thursday, August 07, 2008

When thugs win

Jeff Atwood blogged about bloggers who quit because of harassment - by coincidence, one of those who was involved in the harassment of Kathy Sierra was interviewed in an article in the New York Times. As Justin says - what sick /b/tards.

It doesn't take long to find some of the sickening comments that made Kathy Sierra leave - they nauseate me, though not as much as the jerk who made them. One of the people interviewed talked of exploiting the insecurities of a "blowhard" (basically anyone they don't like) to get "laughs and lulz" - someone who I wouldn't want to meet on a street in broad daylight, let alone in a dark alleyway.

One comment on Coding Horror said:
I never really understood how that whole Kathy Sierra thing got started. I mean, she must've said something to piss these people off, but I have no idea what that might've been -- any ideas?

The person who said that just doesn't get it: you don't have to piss someone off - they take a dislike to you for no good reason - maybe they have a chip on their shoulder, maybe they rationalise their thuggery by claiming it in the name of an ideology (and don't benefit those they claim to fight on behalf of), maybe they're a bored jackass - ultimately they pick one someone for no good reason.

That's the frightening thing - you might do nothing wrong, yet one of these thugs think you "deserve it" and make life hell for you.

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